Au jour le jour – Franck Scurti

18 July - 23 August 2020
every weekend* from 4 pm to 8 pm (*except the weekend of 15 August)
Grand Palais Nave

As part of the “summer of learning and culture” and at the invitation of Chris Dercon, Franck Scurti is bringing his studio to the Nave of the Grand Palais from 6 July. The public will be able to see his work from 18 July on Saturdays and Sundays.
For this summer, I wanted a generous and engaged piece, a human project based on encounters and dialogue, but one that was at odds with the awe-inspiring immensity of the Nave. Something that would enable the public – all members of the public – to see this empty space in a different light and invite an artist to offer their perspective on our time, in another temporality.
“Au jour le jour” by Franck Scurti does exactly that; it’s a studio from the world “after”, where the materials used have been reclaimed from the world “before” and where silent work and the sound of the artist’s voice alternate in perpetual movement.
Bringing Franck Scurti’s studio to the Nave of the Grand Palais for a few weeks is a unique opportunity to show what happens behind the scenes of cultural institutions such as ours and, for me, offers an antidote to the unimaginable crisis that we have experienced and gives new momentum to the situation we are living through, from one day to the next.
Chris Dercon

Au jour le jour is not an exhibition, much less a project, it is an artist’s response to a crisis, through action. By setting up my studio and exhibiting my practice for two months at the Nave of the Grand Palais, the artist is brought to the fore and given a voice once again, and the moments and sensations that are usually purely private are made public.
As an emblematic French monument, the Grand Palais is also a one-of-a-kind symbol of art through the events and exhibitions that take place there, and in these troubled, highly changing times I feel that it is the ideal place to make existing voices heard and inspire new ones.
My works are often made from things and signs I find in the city. Materials that have been stripped of value, which I choose because they have a kind of potential that I carefully redefine, like rebuses, where the historic and social meaning has to be decoded. De la Maison au Studio (et vice versa), 2012 is emblematic of my approach in recent years, it is a piece that is still ongoing. This line, made by knotting together my shoelaces, is punctuated by little bits of rubbish, trivial day-to-day things found on the ground. Today, the line is over 45 m long and will be suspended from the “bell-tower” in the middle of the Nave. It will be added to over the two-month period as I travel between my home and my new place of work.
Economy, production, dissemination – these words resonate to such an extent in the artistic sphere that we almost forget about creation, and yet we always create a model before producing it as a series. Creation is based on experimentation, chance and sometimes failure.
For this, I would like “the monument” to yield to the process, the word of truth often associated with an artwork involving multiple “attempts”. I would like this studio to not have a programme, to be non-performative, a chronicle connected to every little detail, all the vagaries of daily existence, one that marches to the drum of now.
Far removed from gigantism and the showy, and in the context of the social distancing imposed on us, the space might be opened up to a critical distance, a time of resilience that I think is needed if we are to forge an authentic bond between the artist, the artwork and the public this summer.
Franck Scurti
A series of images by Franck Scurti, like a “journal” that illustrates life in the studio from one day to the next will be published on the social networks of the Grand Palais from 6 July to 23 August with the hashtag #GrandPalaisAuJourLeJour. It will be accompanied by other online encounters, including a live one on 17 July in the late afternoon. This means that everyone, especially those who will not be in Paris for the summer, will be able to follow the act of creation, visualise the work being produced, share in the daily life of the artist and interact with him.
Free entry to the Nave of the Grand Palais every weekend from Saturday 18 July to Sunday 23 August, from 4 pm to 8 pm, except the weekend of 15 August
Subway line 1 eand 13 «Champs-Elysées - Clemenceau» or line 9 «Franklin D. Roosevelt»

with support from the Ministry of Culture as part of the Eté apprenant et culturel (Summer of Learning and Culture)
with the assistance of the ENSBA and the participation of its students
with the support of la Fondation ENGIE
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